Let’s talk Periods. 

All the Best Reusable Period Products Explained, Compared and Reviewed!

best menstrual cup brand

Best Menstrual Cups Reviewed
Which reusable menstrual cup is most trusted by women?

Discover what other women think of menstrual cups and which brands are being voted as favourite and top rated for comfort, price and their leakproof abilities. 

best period underwear brand

Best Period Underwear 

Confidence and comfort go hand in hand with these products

Find out which Period Panties  are celebrated for their comfort and ease from using them to washing them. Reusable period products are the way of the future! Join the revolution and discover why so many women are making the switch ~ and loving it!

best leak proof swimwear brand

Best Period Swimwear 

Never be held back by your period again

Swimwear that is designed and made to give women the leakproof confidence of their dreams as they dive into ocean, pool or sit in a spa ~


Why use reusable Period Products?

More Comfort

Say goodbye to:
bulky pads that feel like you’re wearing a boat between your legs
bye bye funky smells
hello discreet, comfortable and safe period products!

Save money!

The average woman has her period for 30 years and spends approximately $18,000 on period products in that time!! Save money by opting for reusable period products and better yet, save the yourself the hassle of remembering to buy them especially when we’re self isolating at home!

Save our Planet

The average woman will dispose of approximately 16,000 pads, tampons and liners in her menstruating days. That is a lot of waste! 


Know the figures of your Period

years of having your period for the average woman

number of periods in a woman's lifetime

cost of period products for the average woman in her life

disposable pads liners and tampons in landfill per woman

About Us

My Period Options is an education site where Reusable Period Products are explained, reviewed and compared to give women the chance to make informed decisions about the sustainable menstrual products available to them.

Welcome to the world of reusable menstrual products!!

Maybe you’re new to these products or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran in this arena..

either way we hope that you find these resources helpful and useful in making your decisions about which reusable menstrual products are the best fit for you.

We no longer need to be hindered by our natural cycles or sit out as everyone else goes for a swim.

We can learn to go with the flow of our periods and use safe, reusable period products to save ourselves from discomfort and give ourselves leak proof confidence whilst saving money and the planet

Wins all around ~

alternative menstrual product review

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020

Get informed and inspired by a movement passionate to see a world where no woman or girl is limited or shamed by her period

Most Popular Reusable Period Products 2020
Diva Cup best menstrual cup

Most Popular Menstrual Cup 2020

Voted # 1 Menstrual Cup of 2020

Thinx best Period Panty 2020

Best Period Underwear 2020

This brand of menstrual underpants is voted by women to be the best all rounder, most versatile and comfortable in 2020
modibodi leakproof swimwear

Most trusted Swimsuit on your period

Women vote this swimming suit as the ultimate leakproof swimwear