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Best All Rounder, Most loved

2 tampons; 20ml
Stylish, longer gusset for leak proof design when lying down

 hiphugger, sport, high-waist, boyshort, cheeky, thong, cotton brief, cotton bikini, and cotton thong



Most Trusted Leakproof

2.5 tampons; 25ml

100% bamboo viscose material

bikini, highwaited heavy, 


Thinx BTWN

Best for Teens, Tweens and Beginners
2 tampons, 20ml

Designed for Tweens with fun bright patterns, started kit pack of 3

brief, bikini, shorty, available in started kit pack of 3


Dear Kate

Most options for size and coverage

2 tampons; 20ml

full range of sizes and coverage

full coverage briefs, thongs, hipster



Best Period Undies for athletic women, postpartum and sleeping

2 tampons; 20ml
feel a bit bulkier but provide extra protection for movement

bikini, boxer brief, hipster, and brief



Best Seamless choices for no VPL (visible panty line)

2 tampons; 20ml

good for lighter flow with seamless design, discreet

Hipster: Short, Lace, Seamless;Bikini: Seamless; Brief Seamless; Boyshort Seamless 


Top 5 Favourite & Most Trusted Period Underwear 2020

Thinx Period Undies

Rates #1 for Heavy Flow: Thinx Super Period Undies

This Super absorbent pair of menstrual underwear can absorb up to 4 tampons worth of fluid!

RubyLove Period Undies

Lunapads with period undies

Women vote this swimming suit as the ultimate leakproof swimwear

EvaWear Menstrual Period Underwear by Anigan

EvaWear Menstrual Underwear is designed with  

  • Fabric that is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking & highly-absorbent, meaning that you can stay cool and dry for longer whilst wearing these absorbent undies


    EvaWear Period Undies are available is several styles to fit your preference in sizes XS to L

  •  EvaWear Hipster Short


  • EvaWear Hipster Lace
  • EvaWear Hipster Seamless 
  • EvaWear Bikini Seamless
  • EvaWear Brief Seamless
  • EvaWear Boyshort Seamless 

How much can EvaWear Underwear absorb? 
Up to 2 tampons worth which is equivalent to 20ml of menstrual fluid

Reviews say:

Runs a bit small in size but otherwise good for light flow days


RubyLove Period Undies

Lunapads with period undies

Women vote this swimming suit as the ultimate leakproof swimwear

ModiBodi Sustainable Menstrual Undies

Best Period Panties for Beginners and Teens- Period Kit

Thinx BTWN Absorbent Period Underwear
available in a stylish array or colours and patterns in their Period Kit Panties

Learn more about Reusable Period Underwear

  • What are period undies?
  • How do period underpants work?
  • Why should I chose reusable period underpants for my chosen menstrual product?

What are Period Underwear?

Period Underwear is underwear that is super absorbent and leak proof, designed to soak up menstrual fluid.

Menstrual Undies are quickly becoming a household essential.

Women everywhere are choosing this alternative menstrual product because of its:

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective

You might be thinking that wearing period underwear sounds a bit like wearing an adult diaper…

Period underpants are nothing like wearing a diaper!

These leakproof undies are designed to be worn by everyday women doing everyday activities including moving about!

They feel and look like normal underpants and come in a huge variety of styles and cuts depending on your preference.

The difference between normal underpants and period underpants are that the fabric is different.

Period underpants are made with multiple layers of specially chosen fabric including:

  • cotton that absorbs moisture
  • lining that traps odor and ensures that you don’t smell funky smells that come with pads and tampons
  • a super absorbent fabric to soak up menstrual fluid
  • a leak-resistant barrier to make sure that your flow doesn’t go anywhere inconvenient

With these extra layers of fabric and leak proof protection, the gusset can be a little bigger than normal undies but this is a really small trade off for ‘got you back’ type of underpants.

What are the benefits of using Period Underwear?


The advantages of choosing reusable period underwear are many and they affect your comfort as well as the plant.

  • Menstrual underpants are more comfortable! You won’t even realise you’re wearing protection, they look and feel like normal underwear.
  • Period Underwear provide the best protection for heavy periods when used in combination with other reusable menstrual products such as a menstrual cup

  • Period Panties are Environmentally friendly because you are choosing to use reusable products, rather than using disposable pads and tampons that end up in landfill, you are chasing the more sustainable option: to reuse. Using these sustainable period products will leave you feeling good about yourself as you contribute to a cleaner, less disposable environment!
  • Save Money! By choosing reusable menstrual products such as Period Underpants you will save a lot of money in the long run. The upfront cost is a more than buying disposable menstrual products but you only pay that cost once, they can be reused and reused rather than having to pay every month for more disposable items that you only use once. 
  • Feel Cute and Sexy on your period! Yes, you read that right! The array of options for cut, style, colour and pattern are amazing! You can chose cheecky cuts, lace, thongs, for lighter days or used along side your reusable menstrual cup for protection on your heavier flow days.  

What are the Disadvantages of using Period Underwear?


 The disadvantages of choosing period underpants are:

  • Higher upfront cost. Period underpants are more expensive than disposable period products such as sanitary pads and tampons as well as normal underwear, this is because they have special layers of fabric that allow for the leakproof features of these menstrual products. 
  • Best for lighter days or to be used alongside your reusable menstrual cup for heavier days to make sure there is zero mess on your sheets or white pants.
    However there are some brands such as Dear Kate that have designed period pants with full coverage, these are designed to withstand heavier flow than normal period pants to give you that little bit extra confidence.
  • The cleaning of the menstrual underpants in between uses is something to get used to. Cleaning out the pants in the sink and touching your menstrual flow can be confronting but also a good chance to get more comfortable with your body and the magic that happens with your cycle


How do I clean Period Underwear?

Cleaning your pair of menstrual underpants isn’t as bad as you might think.
4 easy steps to clean your period underpants:

1. Rinse your pair of menstrual undies in cold water. As much as possible rinse them after you take them off instead of letting them soak, rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear.

2. Cold wash in the washing machine, ideally in a delicates bag but by themselves is okay.

3. Use laundry detergent or soap without fabric softener and this can damage the natural fibres

4. Let them dry on the laundry line. Do not tumble dry these underpants as they will be damaged with the heat of the dryer. Once dry, they are ready to be worn again!


How long can I keep my Period Underpants?


Most companies will say that Period underpants can be reused for 6 months to 2 years depending on how they are cared for with their washing a drying especially.

Most brands will guarantee their period panties for up to 6 months, after which it is classified as ‘wear and tear’ if you have a problem with them.

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