Happy Birthday Cally!

From your beloved family and friends

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Live, Laugh, love! 

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We love you Cally Happy Birthday 🙂


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Dear Cally

Happy 28th (pretty much 30th) birthday 

Thank you for your life, laughter and love you bring to our lives. Thank you for the conscious effort you bring to connect to each of us and do the best you can to support  us in our endeavours. We love your quirky fun loving ways and also deeply respect your willingness to quietly yet powerfully take a stand for the issues you feel. We all feel so empowered being in your presence. Your an inspiration to every woman out there.
Thank you for all the great memories and the fun times walking down memory lane exchanging nostalgic stories.
We hope you can feel the love today through everyone’s messages. Enjoy the decadent banoffee pie. 
Lots of love your family and friends. 

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