Period Swimwear

Leak Proof Period Swimsuits Explained, Reviewed and Compared
Most Trusted Leakproof Brand

Introducing Swimwear for your Period:

leakproof, comfortable & cute

Modibodi Period Swimwear

4.3/5 Starts

Modibodi offers a range of Leakproof Period Swimwear from Bikinis to a one piece swimsuit 

Modibodi is the OG (original) of leak proof underwear brand!

Australian owned and made, Modibodi ships worldwide  


The options for period swimwear include: 


  • The Period one piece boasts a chic and classy black swimsuit that is secure, comfortable and quite flattering.
  • The Period bikini is reported to be sturdy and secure up the top with solid ‘real’ straps and swimming bottoms that can be bought for light flow and medium flow. 

This swimsuit is not designed to be worn alone on heavy menstrual days, it is designed for light flow or on heavy days, to be worn with other reusable menstrual products like a menstrual cup to ensure leakproof fun in the water.  


Modibodi Technology uses Bamboo, Sports Merino & Microfibre Materials to make sure you feel protected and comfortable when using these awesome pieces 


Modibodi is so confident in their technology that they offer a 30-day full risk-free trial to all new customer


How does Period Swimwear work?


 Modibodi’s swimwear is manufactured using a special ‘Modifier Swim Technology’ (top secret), however it is known that the gusset has two layer


1. Top layer of the gusset fabric is designed to stop odours and fights bacteria 


2. Bottom layer is designed to provide extra waterproof protection through a trusty fabric that is water repellent. 


How much Menstrual Fluid can Modibodi Swimwear absorb? 


Modibodi Period Swimwear are designed to absorb up to 2 tampons of fluid which is equivalent to 10ml of fluid (see the menstrual cup review table to see how much a menstrual cup can hold for 12hrs to get more of a picture). 


Ruby Love Period Swimsuit

4.2/5 Starts


Previously known as Panty Prop, RubyLove Swimwear for Periods is excessively cute with zero compromise on style and security, giving you all type of leakproof confidence.


RubyLove has a few more options as far as design and colour that Modibodi, so check them both out to find ‘your perfect fit’ period swimwear!


RubyLove products including their Period Swimsuits are made completely plastic , & polyurethane laminate (PUL) FREE which means that there is sufficient airflow down there which will mean no odours!


Another great feature of RubyLove period swimwear is that they are safe to be machine washed and dried.


RubyLove period underwear is designed to be used. With four-way stretch fabric wearers report a snug fit without the nasty chaffing.


RubyLove is designed in the US and ships worldwide 


The options for period swimwear include: 




  • Full piece, leakproof Swimwear in the styles including:
    racerback, classic, one shoulder, off the shoulder and swim dress
  •  2 piece Bikinis sporting: hipster, classic and double tie styles in a range of colours.
  • You’ll also be able to chose from Tankini Sets & Ruffle Sets
  • For colder climates and sports including surfing and stand up paddle boarding Ruby Love also makes Skin suits for Periods in either short sleeved or long sleeved.


How Does RubyLove Period Swimwear work?



Rubylove swimwear (all kinds including Period Bikini and One Piece) is made using the a specially designed technology that features a discreet, built-in absorbent organic cotton liner


This cotton liner will ensure your flow is collected because of its awesome angling and snug fit.


Similarly to Modibodi, RubyLove reports that these Period Swimsuits are designed for light to medium days of flow and light incontinence and if worn on heavy flow days should be worn with additional reusable menstrual products such as menstrual cups


In the end you make your decision and which one sounds like a perfect fit for your unique body!


RubyLove Period Swimwear are designed to absorb up to 3 tampons of fluid which is equivalent to 15ml of fluid (see the menstrual cup review table to see how much a menstrual cup can hold for 12hrs to get more of a picture).