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Diva Cup

Best all rounder period cup: first timers, heavy flow, post giving birth

Medical grade silicone available clear

  • Model 0: 17ml

  • Model 1: 30ml

  • Model 2: 30ml


Lena Cup

Best Menstrual Cup for Beginners (sensitive options available) 2 pack available for light and heavy flow

Medical grade silicone available pink, purple and turquoise 

  • Small: 25ml

  • Large: 30ml

  • Sensitive Small: 25ml

  • Sensitive Large: 30ml 


Super Jennie Cup

Best for Heavy Flow (large model)

Medical Grade Silicon
available in: clear, blue, teal, pink 

  • Small: 26ml

  • Large: 34ml


Saalt Cup

Good for Active Women

Medical Grade Silicon, available in pink and grey

  • Small: 20ml

  • Regular: 30ml


Lily Cup Intima

Collapsable option best for travelling

Medical Grade silicion

available in pink

  • Model A: 28ml

  • Model B: 32ml

  • Collapsable Model: 19ml


Juju Cup

Specific needs: options available for high and low cervix

Medical Grade Silicon 
available in clear 

  • Model 1: 18ml

  • Model 2: 27ml

  • Model 3: for high cervix: 23ml

  • model 4: for low cervix/poor pelvic tone: 22ml 

5/5 (only 2 reviews)

Pixie Cup

Good for Beginners, teens using small size

Medical Grade Silicon: available pink, purple, turquoise

  • Small: 15ml

  • Large: 20ml

  • Extra Large: 25ml


Dutchess Cup

Cheapest Menstural Cup, most economical especially with 2 pack

Medical Grade Silicon: available pink, purple, turquoise, clear and red 

  • Small: 20ml

  • Large: 27ml


Sustain Natural  Cup

Easiest to clean, comes with own sterilising case

Medical Grade Silicon

  • Size 1: 20ml

  • Size 2: 29ml


Lunette Cup

Sports, athletics

medical grade silicon
available in: 5 colours including clear

  • Model 1: 21ml

  • Model 2: 27ml


Most Popular Menstrual Cup 2020

Diva Cup

The Votes are in…Voted # 1 Menstrual Cup of 2020 is the Diva Cup. The Diva Cup is one of the original menstrual cups to make it big in the feminine hygiene market. Diva cup comes in 3 Models to chose from:

Model 0: for first timers

Model 1: under 30, no vaginal birth history 

Model 2: over 30 or post giving birth 

Best Menstrual Cup for Beginners

Lena Cup
This cup is loved for its small size, and its flexible, less rigid body that makes it a lot easier to insert and remove (there are 2 sizes, small and large). Voted the Most Beginner Friendly Menstrual Cup, it is compared to the Diva cup as being more flexible and easier to use for beginners 

Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

Super Jennie has got you covered. Women noted that Super Jennie cup is the most trustworthy leak proof menstrual cup for heavy flow. Viewers recommend that you get comfortable using menstrual cups before you try this one as it is bigger but thanks to its larger size this cup can hold 3 tampons worth inside!
Another Contender for the heavy flow category is the Lunette Cup which is reported to be super reliable for comfortably containing  heavy flow

Best Menstrual Cup for Sport

Saalt Menstrual Cup

This cup is the Favourite menstrual cup for being active; swim, run, dance, trampoline, whatever you want, Saalt Cup has your back. Women report that the cup is flexible and easy to insert and it provides reliable protection against any leaks amidst movement of any sort. There are 2 models for the Saalt Cup: small and regular


Best Menstrual Cup Post Giving Birth

Diva Cup Model 2
please note: Menstrual cups are NOT designed for use immediately post birth, since the uterus and vaginal canal need time to heal after the birthing process. After the Portpartum period, Menstrual Cups such as Diva Cup model 2 can be used to collect menstrual flow.
Consider using Period Underwear or Reusable Cloth pads immediately following giving birth

Best Menstrual Cup for Travelling

Lily Collapsible Menstrual Cup
This well thought out baby has made its way to the top of the list as a travelling companions for its collapsable structure taking up less space and being very convenient. 
Women reported loving the collapsible nature of this menstrual cup which collapses into a compact size which is discreet and can easily fit in your bag.

Best all rounder menstrual cup

Pixie Cup

This Brand of menstrual Cups offers the largest range of sizes and rigidity of cups to suit women of all shapes and sizes down there. Choose from 5 models, Pixie Cup will meet your needs. Best part about Pixie Cup is that they give one cup away to a woman in need for every cup purchased, how cool is that! Let’s get behind this awesome cause by buying this awesome product. 

Most Economical Menstrual Cup

Dutchess Menstrual Cups

The cheapest most economical menstrual cups on the market. They are available in packs of 1 or 2 in small and large. The Dutchess Cups are made of medical grade silicone and therefore do not compromise on safety. This period cup is safe and cheap. Whats not to love?

Menstrual Cup that is Easiest to Clean

Sustain Natural Menstrual Cup with Sterilizing Case

Just to add icing on the cake of easy periods, the Sustain Natural Menstrual Cup comes in 2 sizes and with its own sterilising case and cary case making it the easiest period cup ever to properly sterilise in-between cycles. To sterilize this cup you put the cup in the sterilising case and then fill up with water. With the lid open, microwave for five minutes ~done.

Menstrual Cups Explained


What is a Menstrual Cup?


A menstrual cup is a bell shaped product that is inserted into the vagina to collect Menstrual Flow after which is removed, the flow is discarded, the cup is cleaned and then re inserted. Most menstrual cup is a reusable cup made of medical grade silicone therefore it is even safer than tampons and pads because there are no nasty chemicals on these little guys!


The benefits of using a menstrual cup: 


  • Comfortable

Women report an increase in the comfort they feel when using a menstrual cup as opposed to a tampon or pad. When inserted correctly and is the correct fit for your anatomy, Menstrual Cups feel as if you’re not even wearing anything. You can run, jump, dance to your heart’s content without worrying of the discomfort of a dislodged tampon or bulky sanitary pad! 


  • Convenient
    Did we mention that you can leave your cup in for up to 12 hours? What a Bonus! Less changing due to the design that collects the period flow rather than absorbing it, in fact you won’t even remember its in until you go to the toilet. Now that is a well designed product!


  • Cheaper
    The average woman spends $18,000 on period products in her lifetime. Let that sink in. Opt for reusable menstrual cups in place of disposable and expensive pads, liners and tampons, save your money for something other than period products. 


  • Sustainable
    16,000 disposable period products per woman in her lifetime end up in landfill, that is a lot of waste. Its the pad/liner/tampon itself but don’t forget the packaging of each of these products too. It’s scary to think about by we need to make informed decisions about our purchases. Ditch the disposable products for sustainable, reusable period products. And better yet, we have the power to make this the new normal. 


The disadvantages of menstrual cups:


  •  Higher upfront cost: cups can range between $13-50 per cup. But when you do the maths of the cost of a pack of pads or tampons and multiply that by a year… the numbers make sense to chose reusable. 


  • They take a bit to get used to. We aren’t very comfortable or familiar with our periods or our vaginas so it can be a bit confronting to get close and personal with out bodies. This can be an opportunity to understand our anatomy, to get comfortable and familiar with our health down there. Get to know your flow.


Are Menstrual Cups safe?

Yes! Most menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone and are free of nasty chemicals that are readily found in everyday tampons and pads which have been found to have traces of bleach, rayon, Dioxin, Chlorine, BPA, Fragrances and non-organic cotton. Other products that period cups are made of include Rubber and TPE which stands forThermoplastic elastomer which is a mix of plastic and rubber.

Some brands chose to only produce colourless cups to minimise the risk of colour leaking into the vaginal wall however this is explained by manufacturers are a very low risk event, bottom line you make the call if you want colour or not in your cup. 

Each menstrual cup comes with a very detailed explanation on how to care for your menstrual cup including how to insert it, how to remove it, how to clean your menstrual cup properly and how to store it when your period is finished. 


Are Period Cups good for first timers?


Yes, whether its your first time getting your period or you’re very familiar with Aunt Flo but you’re wanting to make the switch to reusable menstrual products, there is a right menstrual cup for you. 


Brands of Reusable Menstrual Cups commonly offer a choice for a smaller design such as the Diva Cup Model 0 is designed for first time period goers with a smaller design, more flexible and easier to insert and remove. 


Similarly Diva Cup Model 1 is also a popular menstrual cup for first time users of menstrual cups but is slightly bigger in its capacity to hold menstrual fluid, it is designed for a woman aged below 30 who has not had a vaginal birth. 

Main thing to keep in mind is that like everything new, it takes time and practice to get used to using menstrual cups. Why not try using your menstrual cup for lighter days and opt for Period Underwear or reusable cloth pads for the heavier days/nights until you get used to using your cup full time? 


How do Reusable Period Cups work?


Menstrual Cups work so well thanks to their innovative design that is responsive to a woman’s anatomy. Suction adheres the cup to the vaginal wall of the canal which enables the flow to be collected into the cup rather than leak around the cup. 


Menstrual Hygiene Management with a Menstrual Cup

Detailed instructions on how to care for your menstrual cup can be found in the packaging of the cup. Read the instructions carefully, they will explain it all! 
In a nutshell, Menstrual cups are designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal and can stay there for up to 12 hours. When you feel that you need to change your cup whether its approaching 12 hours insitu or if you know that you have a heavier flow,

this is how you clean your menstrual cup at home:


 little tip * Best practiced in the shower as it is fine to get a little messy in there!


1. remove your menstrual cup gently

2. pour the menstrual fluid into the toilet or down the drain if in the shower

3. rinse with warm water and gentle soap of your choosing making sure you get in to the suction holes to remove any tissue in there and rinse a few more times

4. inbetween cycles you can sterile your menstrual cup by boiling it in water for a few minutes, stirring constantly to ensure that your cup doesn’t get damaged, its a good idea to let it ‘air out’ for a few hours ideally with sunlight which help to reduce the bacteria on the surface 

5. there are many products that you can buy to help you properly care for your period cup, as discussed in this article on Menstrual Hygiene Management with your reusable menstrual products 

How to clean your menstrual cup when you aren’t at home:

most women face this challenge when first venturing into the world of reusable menstrual products, and yes it does get a bit trickier when you don’t have the privacy of your own home and shower to get close and personal with yourself. Try these tips to help you smoothly change your cup whilst not at home:

1. remove as usual

2. tip contents down the toilet

3. wipe excess with toilet paper or a menstrual cup wipe that you can keep in your purse or pocket 

4. reinsert and clean properly when you get home

it doesn’t have to be a big drama, a little secret no one will know but you. 


 When should I replace my Menstrual Cup?


Reusable menstrual cups are designed to be used for up to 5 years! Chances are you’ll probably replace your menstrual cup for a newer model because you find one that is even more exciting than your old one, before it is actually in need of replacement.

Signs to watch for that indicate your menstrual cup is in need of replacement include signs of cracking or splitting on the silicon, or if you notice a sticky or chalky residue when you touch your period cup. Keep in mind there are the world of menstrual products is exciting and embracing of innovation so be sure to check here to find out and review the latest sustainable menstrual products! 

Learn more about other Sustainable Menstrual Products here to make your life easier, greener and simpler!

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